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We are 24 + 25 years old and recently got married December 2021! We've always had a soft spot for Corgis so we decided we would make it a full time hobby! I am a florist and own Holly Diana Floral in McRae, GA. Daniel graduated from Abraham Agricultural College with his bachelors degree in Crop + Soil Science. He currently works in sales for a local fertilizer company. We offer loving, happy puppies with a focus on health and temperament.. Our parents are health tested and loved on every day. Every one of our dogs stays in our home and goes to work with me. We would love for you to consider Williams Welsh Corgis for your next Pembroke Welsh Corgi and breeder!

We have one standard coat male looking for a home! Text Holly at (229) 315-2501 for more information. We are hopeful for a fluffy litter and fawn/red standard coat litter this fall. 

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I honestly can’t recommend Williams’ Welsh Corgis enough. The health and wellbeing of the dogs is the first priority of Holly and Daniel.

From the very first inquiry we had, Holly reached out immediately with all the information we needed and made sure we’d be a good fit for a corgi puppy before getting any further in the process - which we loved.

Through every step, Holly was super communicative and made us part of the journey with regular updates, pictures, and information. We now have literally the most perfect and healthy pup and can’t thank WWC enough.

The last thing I want to say is that I love how Holly and WWC genuinely cares about the lifelong wellbeing of their pups after they’re placed in forever homes. We are now part of an awesome and supportive community - all thanks to Holly."

Kate Bell

Growing up I have only had corgis and have really loved the breed. When looking for the right breeder my biggest concerns were genetic testing and general care, and Williams Welsh Corgi met each of those requirements. From the moment I started talking to Holly she explained their process and gave me every once of information. All the genetic testing they do and the medical care they give their dogs is top notch. She was even giving me the vets number to call if I wanted to ask more details. I could ask constant questions about the process and ask for information on how our Millie “original name Midge” was doing, Holly always answered.

Furthermore, when we picked up Millie I knew Holly was excited for me, but I could also see how she was sad to see Millie and all the girls of the Barbie litter go. It was evident, her and Daniel care about each of their dogs and see these dogs as family even after they go to their new families.

I recommend Williams Welsh Corgi to everyone. I am so grateful to have a pup from Annie’s line, Millie is truly a fantastic corgi that is beloved not only by me, but also by her Williams Welsh Corgi family!"

Kennedy Dalton

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All of our parents are health tested, have routine checkups, and are spoiled! Our dogs are family and they will be treated like it (as well as their puppies). We are an in-home breeder where we make sure that our puppies are exposed to different sights, sounds, and smells (following the Bada** Breeding Program/ENS). Each puppy has lots of human interaction and we make sure to give them hugs + kisses everyday. It is our goal to raise happy + HEALTHY puppies. 




"In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind."

- Job 12:10




We currently offer AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis in both the standard and fluffy coats! What's the difference?

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